Fairways of Life

Fairways of Life – Golf Wisdom of the Legends

Overview – Golf Wisdom From the Legends
Product Details
Pub. Date: April 2011
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Format: Paperback , 300pp
ISBN-13: 9781600378652
ISBN: 160037865X


” Focus not on the commotion around you, but on the opportunity ahead of you.”

Arnold Palmer

“ Most people live their lives chained to the oars of a life of their own choosing, whether defined by one’s job, relationships, self-image or even their golf game. More often than not, the biggest obstacles one faces in life are those that we ourselves have placed in our own path. In the words of golf’s great champions, there is undeniable wisdom, focus, passion and depth of purpose that goes well beyond the confines of the golf course. “Golf Wisdom of the Legends” celebrates these universal truths and messages of empowerment that will appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike through the use of their own legendary words (most of them from interviews conducted with the author), anecdotes and unique perspectives from the author himself.”

Author Biography

Matthew E. “Matt” Adams is a New York Times best selling author, host and author of the Fairways of Life show on the PGA Tour Network and prominent international golf broadcaster. Matt has been called the “best interviewer in the game,” by Gary Player. Matt’s insightful and inspiring style can be traced to the fact that he has authored multiple books in the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series in addition to his other titles. Matt hosts the most listened to golf radio program in the world, Monday through Friday on Sirius XM Radio and on the PGATour.com, reaching millions of listeners around the globe. Matt’s worked has been featured on the Golf Channel, ESPN and BBC. Matt is also a play-by-play and host of live coverage of the PGA Tour. For more information, visit www.FairwaysofLife.com

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