An Ode to Links and Friendship

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An Ode to Links and Friendship

They say that links cannot be described by
Man’s mortal words, so base

The rolling land, surging sea,
Unrelenting wind in one’s face

The promise of our father’s fulfilled,
In a perfect drive well struck

The measured pace of eternity revealed,
In it’s fickle nature of luck

Against the frame of castle ruins,
From Tralee, Lahinch and Old Head

Thoughts wander to sacrifices made,
The battles and the dead

But today we revel in the genius of simplicity,
Latent nuance slow revealed

For who could claim injustice here,
Adjudicator of fate repealed?

So, my friends, gathered here,
A common passion felt

An affirmation that time is fleeting,
Just as it was for the ancient Celt

I’ll conclude this poem, a limited verse of loose frame and measure,
And hope that your path avoids life’s unforgiving heather

May your drives be straight and true,
May you never lose a ball

But understand our final scores mean little,
When measured against your friendship, for that means most of all

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